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  • Will I have to ask one by one to every one of the employees to download Node Insight?
    Node Insight was designed for you to perform all your IT needs easier and faster. You can share it through Azure Active Directory with the end-users whom you like to use the application.
  • Can we manage only one tenant on the panel or can it be more than one tenant?
    As you can only reach the users under only one Azure Active Directory, you can only manage one tenant. There is no option for switching tenants in the application. If you change your Microsoft Teams application for another tenant, then you can share it with other users on that tenant.
  • Is it possible to see when the user did the scanning?
    Yes, it is. When you enter user information, you can reach the month, day, and hour information of the scanning.
  • Can I use Node Insight over a webpage?
    Yes, you can.
  • Does it work on Mac?
    We still work on Node Insight for you to benefit from it with its best performance. Soon, it will be working on Mac, too.
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