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Cyber Security Solution


Node Insight is one of the cyber security asset and software management solutions within Teams for projects in any industries.

Make sure of your safety with Node Insight

Investigate the weak points of your company towards cyber threats on the simple and interactive home screen of Node Insight; increase the cyber security awareness of your both IT Managers and end-users.

Node Insight Digital Launching


Raise awareness

You need to be aware of the processes you need to go through within GDPR, all of the cyber threats at the cyber security point and the defense methods.
With this application, you can increase your institutional awareness level by downloading the current GDPR regulations and cyber security trainings.


Increase your productivity

Thanks to this application, Microsoft Teams has become more than just a team-working application. Microsoft Teams trainings that are uploaded to Node Insight help the users to use Teams more productively. Thus, active usage of Microsoft Teams increases the productivity of team works correspondingly.


Improve your compatibility

Thanks to the analysis done through unique methods within the application itself, you can follow your GDPR and security compatibilities. At this point, as GDPR and cyber security trainings and the data you obtained are analyzed, you can manage your compatibility processes that you aimed institutionally.


Achieve cost saving

Node Insight presents a questionnaire that can be filled up by end-users and in the light of these data, IT managers can view how the users are satisfied from their devices. It is also possible to examine both questionnaire results and other data on the same home screen. Thus, the real needs of users will manifest itself which leads to the meticulous examination of the next software and hardware investments; this will ensure high cost optimization.


Give prizes

End-users sign up for awareness trainings about GDPR and security through Node Insight. They can get points and rosettes there. This gamification creates a contest between departments with their awareness points. In the end, department with the highest GDPR and cyber security awareness point, gains a prize.

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