What is Node Insight

Node Insight is a cybersecurity monitoring and asset management solution that fully integrates with Microsoft Teams and Azure Active Directory. Node Insight leverages Microsoft Secure Score and Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to provide deeper visibility to admins for all users and devices in an organisation.

That's Why to Choose Node Insight

Node Insight is a Microsoft Teams solution which provides cybersecurity and asset management for all types of enterprises. It scans software & hardware assets of your enterprise with just one click. Besides, its survey function helps IT administrators to discover the habits of enterprise staff against cyber threats. By assessing this data set, Node Insight makes the most appropriate suggestions to provide a safe zone with minimum vulnerabilities.

With its clear and simple dashboard, Node Insight creates and improves cybersecurity awareness for both IT professionals and users by identifying areas which are vulnerable against cyberattacks. Up to date risk assessments, benchmarks with similar enterprises, user warnings and suggestions enables enterprises to provide a risk management methodology on both whole corporation and individuals. Quick diagnosis of vulnerabilities open to cyber threats leads into better risk response mechanisms every day and that way the enterprise’s maturity level for cybersecurity arises in a sustainable way.

Benefits For Corporations

Hardware Assessment & Monitoring
You can view the hardware assets of all Microsoft Teams users' computers in your company.
Software Assessment & Monitoring
You can view the software assets of all Microsoft Teams users in your company, analyze products at the end of life and get recommendations about cloud and latest versions of these software.
Client Security Assessment & Monitoring
You can identify security vulnerabilities on client operating systems and Node Insight makes clear recommendations to remedy them. Node Insight creates a security score for each user based on the analyzed data. This security score provides information about the user security status for departments and the whole organization.
Performance Survey
How satisfied are your users with their computers? With the quick hardware survey, you can find out satisfaction level of corporate users with their computers, analyze them through collected hardware data and make decisions for the next investment period.
Cybersecurity Questionnaire
Are your users aware of cybersecurity? Measure your users' security awareness level with the Cybersecurity survey and compare departments through this data.
Microsoft 365 Secure Score Monitoring
View your Microsoft 365 Secure score at the organization-level and compare it with other organizations in similar industries.
Smart Suggestions for Improvement
Node Insight offers system administrators and users new technologies to create a better and more secure IT environment.
Client Security Risk Monitoring
View the security risk analysis of corporate users in your organization. Compare and improve security level between departments.
Network Security Assessment
Node Insight performs network tests for the enterprise and reports the security vulnerabilities to the system administrator.
Organization Wide Reports
Node Insight analyzes the data it collects and generates various useful reports showing performance and security status.