Galata Taşımacılık hasy increased the productivity of remote working with Microsoft Teams, whereas they increased the security awareness of employees with Node Insight.


Microsoft Teams offers new fields of usage to sectors and companies with application additions.

Due to its non-stop service, Galata Transportation, which is a global transportation and logistics company, uses Microsoft Teams to maintain productive and secure remote working environment. Microsoft Teams offered online cyber security trainings and performed questionnaires and tests by integrating Node Insight application to their users’ devices and determined their employees’ security weaknesses without any need of physical interaction. Galata Transportation, which increased their employees’ security awareness and managed it from only one panel, bears the cost of the deficiencies of GDPR compatibility without any additional cost; they can plan software, hardware, and institutional training investments at optimum rate.

It is very pleasing for an IT manager to manage everything they need through Teams only!


Training and hardware costs decrease by 35%

Creating an awareness within the company and sending videos created in Microsoft Teams about security to employees prevents the extra cost like purchasing GDPR training. Apart from security awareness, the data acquired by software and hardware questionnaires will ensure that the employees will be provided with the right device for themselves and institutional devices’ changes will be made depending on statistics. Galata Transportation foresees to reduce the hardware cost by 35% with these data.


It is made compatible with all company security necessities.

Galata Transportation, which operates with the aim of providing clients with uninterrupted and safe service, prioritizes Secure Information Sharing and Active Procurement Management. They continue their works about improving “data security” and “employee supervision and productivity” which gained importance with the need of remote working during Covid-19 period.


Every employee has a secure score

HR department of the company also benefit from Node Insight when managing institutional activities. Microsoft Secure Score Contests, that have been enriched with questionnaires and tests conducted by employees, not only increase the cyber security awareness but also strengthen the communication between both individuals and departments. Employees win points and badges for every training they had; in the end, they gain a secure score. Therefore, employees see cyber security as a whole; they work with the insight of supporting holism from their institutional devices to their personal devices.


You can visit Microsoft’s web page to read the whole success story of Node Insight.

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